Data Backup and Privacy

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Hi everyone! I want to talk about what we do at Advanced Dentistry of Blue Ash to protect your data and information. Since our practice is completely paperless, we have to store your data on our server. All your personal information is encrypted and backed up. In order to backup your information and encrypt it, we use a product called CloudBerry Backup Server Edition (Click Here) for all our data backup. 

This product allows us to backup all your encrypted information to Amazon S3 servers.  Clouldberry Labs is HIPPA compliant as it encrypts data on transmit and at rest. Also, their company does not have access to private patient data. All the transfer occurs between our server and Amazon S3.  Amazon claims HIPPA compliance too. check out their compliance center  by clicking here. You can also check out Cloudberry Lab’s whitepaper on HIPPA by clicking here.

We backup your data everynight and we know personal data breach is a huge deal. Rest assured, we are taking every possible precaution in order to encrypt and backup your information. Thanks again for trusting us at Advanced Dentistry of Blue Ash! – Dr. David Schlueter DDS