Patient Profile: Jenn H.

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At Advanced Dentistry of Blue Ash, we help our patients preserve their smiles in so many ways. That’s why we wanted to highlight some of our patients and their experiences.
Our first patient profile is on Jenn H. We absolutely love having Jenn visit because of her fun-loving personality and awesome attitude! It’s fantastic having her as a patient.
Jenn came to see us for general cleanings, and she shared her family history of periodontal disease (also known as gum disease). So, we knew we needed to treat her gums with kid gloves. Before long, we knew Jenn would need a deeper gum cleaning. Here’s Jenn’s experience with having that procedure done:

I had what’s called a deep scale root cleaning. The procedure was one visit (about an hour of actual dental work + time for the numbing agent to work and for Doc Schlueter to check on me after so in total about a 2 hour visit) plus a follow-up visit three months after. 
Beforehand, my tech explained how the entire procedure would work from start to finish – from the numbing option to the follow-up that would be needed in a few months. I felt very comfortable and relaxed going into a procedure I’d never had before. With my general fear of the dentist, it was a huge relief. I was also very grateful that they gave me all of my options and were honest with me that some patients feel uncomfortable during the cleaning and that I may want to be numbed before (which I did elect on their advice) to lessen my discomfort during and ultimately after the procedure.
Recovery was simple and I honestly believe that was due to having the numbing agent but also how generally relaxed I felt during the procedure. The following day, due to the depth of the cleaning, I did have some slight discomfort (I wouldn’t even call it pain.). My tech had already warned me of this possibility and advised that I take Advil for relief and that 100% did the trick. No additional medication needed. 
What keeps me coming back to Dr. Schlueter at Advanced Dentistry of Blue Ash is the way that everyone there from the staff to Dr. S treats you like a friend. They want to make you feel comfortable just like when a friend visits your home. They are always so welcoming and you’re just at ease.
I also really appreciate Dr. S suggesting an electric toothbrush for me as well! I had no idea how different my mouth would feel using the electric vs the manual brush. It’s actually amazing. Plus, if it does what Doc says it will, hopefully I won’t need too many more deep scale cleanings!!! If you’re like me and need to spend some HSA (Health Savings Account) money on something preventative, the electric toothbrush is the way to go!

Jenn, thanks for sharing your experience with us and with all of our patients. You’re the best, and we’re so happy that you’re our patient!
All Smiles,
Dr. Schlueter & Team